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Welcome to Clan MacLellan. Our objective is to provide a focal point for all members of Clan MacLellan, and to promote kinship between MacLellans. We encourage the study and research into traditions, our Scottish heritage, and our MacLellan history. We are a society composed of MacLellans of various spellings and variations. These include a wide variety as you can see on our spellings page. If you are descended from, or are married to a MacLellan of any spelling, then you are one of us. We are all cousins, and we are pleased you are here. Our name has evolved from the Gaelic "MacGillifillan" which means "son of a servant or follower of Saint Fillan." The form "MacLellan" was chosen as our clan name because the castle at Kirkcudbright has this spelling. Scottish history also uses this spelling most often in referring to the Lords Kirkcudbright and other knights bearing the name in Galloway, particularly the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. Our Clan Motto is "Think On".


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